How we make our soaps



All of our beautiful soaps are made using the Cold Process method. This means we're involved in the creation process from start to finish, from adding the raw natural ingredients to the way we prepare the mixture.

We know exactly what we add to each recipe to get it right each and every time. We're fully certified and have passed all of our safety assessments - so rest assured we know what we're doing!

Our recipes are a culmination of 13 years in the making, using unique techniques and our vast experience in soap making back in Greece. We continue to be involved in every step of the procedure from “cooking” and stamping till packaging.


Our soaps are made using the cold process method.

This method is the most traditional method of creating soap, as opposed the the melt and pour one. This method gives us the control over the creation of our soaps to guarantee the authenticity of their ingredients from traceable UK suppliers.

Using the Cold process method means we're involved along every step of the way, making the soap with raw natural ingredients.


The first step is to heat up all the oils. When they reach the desired temperature we combine them with the clay, sodium chloride and water mixture. This blending starts the saponification process which is almost an hour of continuous stirring.

Now it’s time to add the pure essential oils and herbs which are pivotal in providing the skin benefits. After the binding process we pour the creamy soap into our wooden mould - that we designed to meet our own unique style and branding. You will notice they are a cube shape, which is scientifically proven to last longer.

After two days the soaps become more solid - but still soft- ready to be un-moulded one by one. This procedure can take up to two hours. We then leave the soap out of it's mould to rest for a further two days in a well ventilated room. Once rested we then stamp them one by one with our signature Estia Soaps stamp! They are then safe to sit on the shelf for a further two months until they reach your hands!

Greek inspired, luxury soap with a social conscience

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