Beautiful, bountiful Olive trees are very abundant in sunny Greece, but you probably already knew that! The olive oil cultivation of Greece is a legacy well known across the world. As a Greek family, we understand the benefits of Olive Oil, not only in your daily diet, but also for skin health.


Sappho, an ancient Greek poet, wrote about the yellow liquid (created from ashes and oil) and how it helped to make her clothes cleaner. The process she used was new, unnamed and very effective. To honour her, the term saponification was coined. The term came from her name and is now the word used to describe soap creation.

Olive oil contains a great amount of vitamin E and antioxidants. This “liquid gold” has anti- ageing properties, moisturises and improves skin health, makes hair healthy and shiny and offers deep natural cleansing.

Estia soaps combine the best olive oil with pure essential oils, herbs and clays to maximise the benefits for clean, healthy skin.