Find out why our soaps are All Natural


Over the last few decades there has been a sharp rise in the demand for Environmentally friendly, natural and ethical ingredients across the world. This change in direction is of great benefit to our fragile and beautiful planet.

It's forcing policies upon businesses to become more sustainable with their product offering. Even though there has been his shift, the power of marketing wins over all! It's created a myth that a product nowadays named “all natural” on billboards and adverts means it's fully natural. In actuality these products only contain one or two natural ingredients with the rest being made up of synthetic ones.


Here at Estia soaps we are fully committed to offering you truly natural ingredients across our whole range of soaps. That’s why we're fully transparent and show you the ingredients we use not only after the saponification (INCI names), but also before this, as raw materials.

We're proud of our suppliers and we're more than happy to let you know who they are. That way you know what you use on your skin, and you can trust us for a long-term relation. We can guarantee that we will always use vegetable oils, plant based and cruelty free ingredients, a traceable supply chain, and plastic free packaging. You can find more for our Ethical policy in FAQ.


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