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Our story so far.

Greek Inspired, luxury soap with a social conscience. Our Greek family moved to Scotland in 2018 for a new start, and to offer the best opportunities possible to our two babies, one of whom rocks an extra chromosome! They give us the inspiration and strength we need on a daily basis to push ourselves to the max and always strive for more!

My name is Olga Gerogianni. I’m a former Spa manager and beautician who collaborated with several 5-star hotels in Greece. What became apparent was the amount of people who loved our aromatherapy treatments. In particular, the benefits essential oils had not only on their skin but also their mood.

Our initial recipes were created back in Greece in 2006. Fast forward 13 years and we now have a whole range of products made with the finest natural ingredients. My goal was to create a single product for your hair, face and body that cuts down on the use of plastic, has no animal testing and that we stay fully committed to environmentally friendly packaging.

Estia soaps produce products with personality. Inspired by Greek Mythology, each soap is specifically named after a Greek god, based on the main natural ingredients used. Our soaps will always be 100% natural, 100% vegan and 100% cruelty free. Join us on our journey and together we can help change the world, for the better!

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