Sleep pillow mist that is working!

How Estia soaps’ aromatherapy sleep pillow mist is so effective?

When we created the pillow mist, we already knew the natural healing power of essential oils. We never imagined though, the success of our magical blend until, our customers were coming back for more, suggesting the pillow mist to their friends and so on.

It is now among our best sellers, with many repeat, satisfied customers. What was amazing during the live tests that we did - when we had a stall in a big shopping centre- was that whoever was smelling it, was instantly buying it.  Furthermore, random people passing by were stopping and asking about the smell as it was dragging more people to our stall.

From the first day, it was sold out and we ended up having to produce more of our magical blend, every day for all the period we held the stall. Being a small family business, means we have to take care of everything on our own. We manage to keep small batches with continuous production, ensuring that the pure essential oils are fresh and effective.

Our sleep pillow spray does not contain any synthetic fragrances or nasty chemicals. Its’ effectiveness is about the power of aromatherapy. The pure essential oils send the message straight to the brain, helping with sleep and anxiety problems by offering a deep continuous sleep.

No more anxiety and sleep problems. Try this today !


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