How to start living plastic-free

People are always talking about reducing plastic waste, but we will find many unnecessary plastics if we look in our bathrooms. It's not easy for small, independent skincare brands to eliminate plastic usage in their bottles and bags.

Plastic is cheap and accessible, and if you are a tiny brand, it makes packaging all the more affordable. With the help of the community, sustainable skincare will become more common. Ethical businesses across the globe are pushing boundaries by consistently incorporating more organic products in their ranges and, at the same time, focusing on delivering affordable, vegan, and sustainable products. It is time for consumers to take a step further by changing the way they consume beauty products. 

By becoming more planet conscious, consumers are now actively involved in preventing damage to the environment. And contribute to green living by taking steps to conserve resources like plastic, energy, and water.

 Once considered a niche, it has become quite mainstream, and everybody seems concerned about it. Therefore we all need to play our part in it. From biodegradable packaging to reusable boxes, more brands use a material that will cause less harm to the environment.

 We offer skin and hair bars that eliminate the need to have several bottles hitting the shelves while enabling longevity and reducing wastage. This makes carrying your products more comfortable, without having to worry about spillage or leakage.

Join us in our pursuit of turning your routine green by choosing our plastic-free range. We believe in providing our consumers with plastic-free products that are good for their skin while being beneficial for the planet. We offer plastic-free beauty and zero-waste skincare options, which are super affordable. Plastic-free skincare has the potential to transform your daily routine, and your skin will thank you too!


  • We offer eco-friendly and biodegradable soap and packaging.


  • With no synthetics, we only fragrance our products with pure essential oil blends.


  • Our products are derived from natural ingredients, packed with antibacterial and aromatherapy benefits. Try them out here.

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