Charcoal Soap

We all love the warm, rich woody, exotic scent of sandalwood that promotes
calming and harmonizing, but also emotional openness and increases the
physical sensuality.

This handmade charcoal soap has a warm wooden scent and is perfect for
deep face cleansing.

It has a rich creamy lather and can be used on the face, body, and as a dry
shampoo. It's a popular option for men who like a multitasking product and
can be used as a shaving soap as well.

Sandalwood contains antioxidants and it's an excellent anti-inflammatory, has
antibacterial properties (antiseptic) while at the same time it soothes and
hydrates the skin. We also added rosewood oil which has a spicy-sweet
scent to cover the needs of all skin types since rosewood oil balances out the

It's also great for fighting signs of aging since it regenerates the skin cells
while at the same time contains restorative properties perfect for wound

Activated charcoal comes from coconut shells and helps clear excess oil from
the skin and is an excellent deep facial cleanser.

This unique olive oil soap will awaken your senses and will leave your skin
soft and clean.
Edited by @mbeautylab

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