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How to start living plastic-free
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People are always talking about reducing plastic waste, but we will find many unnecessary plastics if we look in our ba
Why an olive oil shampoo bar is suitable for your
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Your hair goes through a lot every single day, from haircuts to heat and highlights. It is also exposed to different ch
The power of essential oils on skin and mood
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Essential oils are known for their tremendous powers to transform your home, your general well-being, including your sk
Antibacterial soaps - DIY travel antibacterial s
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The first pandemic caused by Coronavirus (COVID-19) affected our daily routine and caused dramatic changes in our lives
Gold Gift Box-Limited Edition
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Luxurious gift box. A special gift for your special ones.
Charcoal Soap
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We all love the warm, rich woody, exotic scent of sandalwood that promotes
calming and harmonising, but also emotional openness and increases the
physical sensuality.

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